Iraq's push to take back Ramadi from ISIS greeted by fanfare and questions
Full Article CNN
27 May 2015

(CNN)A sandstorm and much fanfare accompanied the start of Iraq's big push to wrest the key province of Anbar from the hands of ISIS. But the major operation has also been met with questions about how effective it will be and what consequences it might have. After the heavy blow of losing the strategic city of Ramadi, doubts remain about the...

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Iraq's push to take back Ramadi from ISIS greeted by fanfare and questions
photo: AP / Zana Ahmed

updated 17 May 2015; published 17 May 2015
Iraqi Officials Say Ramadi Has Fallen to ISIS
updated 21 May 2015; published 21 May 2015
Iraq Security Forces Fighting ISIS In Falluja, Ramadi, Anbar Province
updated 19 May 2015; published 19 May 2015
Battle of Ramadi 2015 - Iraq War : ISIS Takes Control - Map Update
updated 22 Jun 2014; published 22 Jun 2014
Iraq: Military clash with ISIS in Ramadi
updated 18 May 2015; published 18 May 2015
Iraqi forces flee as ISIS gains control of Ramadi, US official says
updated 18 May 2015; published 18 May 2015
Hundreds killed as ISIS seizes control in Ramadi Iraq
Hamas accused of torturing and killing Palestinians in 'spine-chilling and brutal campaign', says Amnesty
Full Article The Independent
27 May 2015

Hamas has been accused of “spine-chilling actions” including abducting, killing and torturing its own people in Gaza by Amnesty International. In a report entitled ‘Strangling Necks': Abduction, torture and summary killings of Palestinians by Hamas forces during the 2014 Gaza/Israel conflict, released today, the human rights group details more than...

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A Palestinian member of Hamas's armed wing on patrol during an anti-Israel rally in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, on November 13, 2014.
photo: WN / Ahmed Deeb

updated 25 Jul 2014; published 25 Jul 2014
Hannity, pro-Palestinian guest have heated exchange over Hamas
updated 24 Jul 2014; published 24 Jul 2014
'Why Did Palestinians Elect Hamas?' Megyn Kelly Takes on Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Spokesperson
updated 10 Jul 2012; published 10 Jul 2012
Crime & Punishment in the Gaza Strip
updated 23 Apr 2014; published 23 Apr 2014
2014 June Breaking News USA backed Iranian terrorist group Hamas Palestinian government
updated 22 Jul 2014; published 22 Jul 2014
Israeli PM: We Kill Palestinians Because Hamas Wants 'Telegenically Dead'
updated 03 May 2015; published 03 May 2015
Jimmy Carter And Obama Thinks Israel Mistreating Hamas And Palestinians
Senior FIFA officials arrested on corruption charges
photo: AP / Keystone/Steffen Schmidt

updated 27 May 2015; published 27 May 2015
SEVERAL Senior FIFA officials indicted/arrested on corruption charges (footage)
updated 27 May 2015; published 27 May 2015
Hotel staff use sheets to hide FIFA officials | Arrested FIFA officials face extradition to U.S
updated 27 May 2015; published 27 May 2015
FIFA Corruption Probe -- Six Senior Officials Arrested in Zurich -- 2018 and 2022 World Cups
updated 27 May 2015; published 27 May 2015
Fifa officials arrested on corruption charges | 27 MAY | Fifa election still on after arrests
updated 27 May 2015; published 27 May 2015
FIFA Executives Arrested in Switzerland Face Extradition to US over Corruption Charges
updated 27 May 2015; published 27 May 2015
FIFA officials held in corruption probe
Afghan Taliban gunmen killed after attack on Kabul guesthouse
Full Article Dawn
27 May 2015

KABUL: Four Taliban insurgents armed with assault rifles and a grenade launcher stormed a guesthouse in the diplomatic quarter of the Afghan capital overnight and held out for hours until they were killed by government forces early on Wednesday, officials said. No casualties other than the attackers were reported, Afghanistan's deputy interior...

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An Afghan security officer takes a position at a house near an ongoing attack on a guesthouse in Kabul Afghanistan, Wednesday, May 27, 2015.
photo: AP / Allauddin Khan

updated 14 May 2015; published 14 May 2015
At least nine killed in Afghan Taliban attack on Kabul guest house
updated 17 Apr 2014; published 17 Apr 2014
Afghan girl killed in Taliban attack on foreign guesthouse in Kabul :: Lucy Kafanov reports
updated 29 Mar 2014; published 29 Mar 2014
Foreigners escape Taliban attack on US aid guesthouse in Kabul; Afghan child killed
updated 28 Mar 2014; published 28 Mar 2014
Taliban attack foreign guest house in Kabul, one child killed
updated 28 Mar 2014; published 28 Mar 2014
Afghan child killed in Taliban attack on Kabul guest house
updated 14 May 2015; published 14 May 2015
At least nine killed in Afghan Taliban attack on Kabul guest house
Republicans rip the Clintons for their 'secret shell company'
photo: ِAP / Elise Amendola

updated 18 Feb 2015; published 18 Feb 2015
Hillary Clinton allies 'outraged' by former Obama adviser's comments / Election 2016
updated 13 Mar 2015; published 13 Mar 2015
Malzberg | Matt K. Lewis: Hillary Clinton is "unlikable," "isn't a great politician"
updated 26 Sep 2013; published 26 Sep 2013
BREAKING KENYA TERROR : Bill Clinton's , MI6 , CIA & Mossad links to Kenya EXPOSED & 2 more deaths
updated 13 Nov 2012; published 13 Nov 2012
Obama's First Job Day One: Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden
updated 07 Sep 2011; published 07 Sep 2011
Hillary Clinton Video Dance Party (Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci)
updated 06 Sep 2012; published 06 Sep 2012
Awkward Obama-Clinton Body Language

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BBC News
Nick Bryant New York correspondent 27 May 2015 From the section US & Canada comments Jeb Bush has struggled to articulate what he would have done over Iraq On both sides of the...
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Belfast Telegraph
A leading international watchdog has accused the militant Hamas group of abducting, torturing and killing Palestinians during the war in the Gaza Strip last year, saying some of...
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The Independent
What an old softee he was, compared to the throat-cutting killers of the “Islamic State”. The black-bannered executioners are back at work in Ramadi and Palmyra and yet, back from...

Visitors cool off in a pond at the Nishat Mughal Garden, which overlooks Dal Lake, in Srinagar on July 04, 2012. Holidaymakers continue to flock to the scenic Kashmir valley, a destination favoured by Indian tourists to escape the scorching heat of the Indian plains, as summer vacations in Delhi and other parts of India were extended between one to two weeks.
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New Delhi: The intense heatwave sweeping through many parts of the country has claimed 1242 lives over the last few days, with Andhra Pradesh and Telangana bearing the brunt as these two states account for most of the deaths. As per the latest...
photo: WN / Imran Nissar
Palestinians inspect the scene of an Israeli air strike in Rafah in the southern of Gaza Strip on March 14, 2014. A small armed faction in the Gaza Strip fired rockets at Israel on Thursday, drawing retaliatory air strikes and pushing cross-border violence into a third day despite a truce called by the more powerful Palestinian group the Islamic Jihad. Photo by Ahmed Deeb / WN
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Tel Aviv/Gaza, May 27: Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon on Wednesday warned the Islamic Hamas movement to refrain from any attempt to fire rockets at Israel, after a Tuesday night rocket attack in the south even as Hamas held Tel Aviv...
photo: WN / Ahmed Deeb
President Barack Obama talks about health care reform as he announces his nominee for Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin, not pictured, in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, Monday, July 13, 2009
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A US appeals court on Tuesday dealt another blow to President Barack Obama's efforts to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. The US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans rejected a request from the Obama administration...
photo: AP / Charles Dharapak
 Palestinian members of the Hamas security forces attend a graduation ceremony in Gaza March 25, 2007. wn Ali Omar  AO1.
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The Islamist group Hamas used its 2014 Gaza war with Israel to "settle scores" with rival Palestinians, executing at least 23 in possible war crimes, Amnesty International said Wednesday. A report by the London-based rights group detailed...
photo: wn ali omar
Sunburn - Skin Cancer /wam2
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‘Virotherapy’ uses modified herpes virus to attack melanoma cells and has potential to overcome cancer even when disease has spread throughout the body ...
photo: Creative Commons /
WHO Executive Board's Special Session on Ebola
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Lisa Schlein GENEVA— The numbers of Ebola cases in Sierra Leone and Guinea have been rising and falling since Liberia was declared Ebola-free on May 9. The World Health Organization says that the road to zero will be bumpy, but that for the most...
photo: UN / Christopher Black
An Iraqi soldier uses binoculars to observe the surrounding .
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Iraqi forces, backed by Shia volunteer forces, have killed at least 70 militants belonging to the ISIL Takfiri group in the holy city of Samarra in Salahuddin province. Mohammed Abbas, the commander of Badr Corps' sixth brigade, made the...
photo: Public Domain / Slick-o-bot