Strike and Dip in Geologic Strata
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published: 02 Jan 2012
author: TheNikkadon
GEOCOAST - Using Geological Compass: Measuring Strike, Dip & Dip Direction
GEOCOAST - Using Geological Compass: Measuring Strike, Dip & Dip Direction. Dr Pat Meere (...
published: 11 Feb 2013
author: GEOCOAST
Folds, Dip and Strike
Describes how to determine dip and strike of folded rock layers and how to interpret geolo...
published: 18 Oct 2010
author: wvannorden
What do these two terms mean in geology. Listen as Joe Devatia explains....
published: 14 Aug 2011
HSFC: Geology - Dips and Strikes
An explanation of dips and strikes with Kieth Oak....
published: 21 Feb 2012
author: Havering sfc
How to take a strike & dip.
This presentation is a basic step by step guide to measuring the strike and dip of an outc...
published: 04 Sep 2012
author: Tammy Dennis
Strong Earthquake Strikes Off Mexico US Geological Survey
Washington: A strong 6.2-magnitude undersea earthquake struck off the coast of Mexico on ...
published: 31 May 2014
Strike Slip Fault | Geology
Strike Slip Fault A type of fault whose surface is typically vertical or nearly so. The mo...
published: 01 Sep 2012
author: Geology Page
Plotting Dip and Strike Readings with ArcGIS
Dip and strike readings are simple but important geological measurements which can be used...
published: 03 Sep 2013
Drawing a Geologic Cross Section
published: 15 Jun 2012
7 Understanding strike and dip
published: 25 Mar 2014
7.7 earthquake strikes Sumatra, Indonesia, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (2)
Earthquake rocks southcentral Alaska ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- A magnitude 4.6 earthquake has r...
published: 07 Apr 2010
author: Neda Asadi
Structural Geology - Lesson 1 - Part 1 of 4
This is part one of lesson one - an introduction to structural geology; terminology, basic...
published: 01 Jan 2011
Strike-slip experiments using gypsum powder (Structural Geology analogue modeling)
In this movie, a layer of gypsum powder is subjected to strike-slip deformation. Note the ...
published: 10 May 2010
author: StrucGeology
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Physical Geology at Weatherford College - deformation 1
Discussion of stress and strain, strike and dip, asymmetrical folds, plunging folds, and d...
published: 04 Nov 2012
strike line & dip angle
published: 02 May 2013
Three earthquakes strike near Azle
The U.S. Geological Survey recorded two small earthquakes in northeast Parker County withi...
published: 20 Nov 2013
2010 Field geology class - 2nd trip (6)
Geological field survey for class They are measuring the strike and dip of limb of a fold ...
published: 08 Nov 2010
author: Sungshil Kim